Tuesday, September 4, 2018

AVCE NSS unit efforts towards Kerala flood relief

Heavy rains and the subsequent flooding in Kerala have wreaked havoc in several parts of the state. As houses have been completely waterlogged and destroyed, many have become homeless and taken refuge in relief camps. Several people have even been marooned in their own houses, without food, water, electricity and other basic supplies.

The NSS (National Service Scheme) and other volunteers of AVCE started special campaigns in all platforms to encourage people to donate for the flood relief measures. We received good support from people of Kanyakumari district, as a result  of which we were able to donate Rs. 1 Lakh to our District Collector Mr. Prashant M Wadnere, IAS for the flood relief measures. Our District collector congratulated our efforts and we also received a thank you letter from the Chief minister of Kerala office.

Following this, our students and Staff members have also come forward to donate additional funds and collect supplies such as water cans, rice, Noodles, Mosquito coils, Toothbrush, Toothpastes, Sarees, kids wear, Pants, Shirts, Towels, Soap, candles and sanitary napkins.

I would like to thank our Correspondent, Principal, Vice Principal, Student representative Mr. Philip Danie and other volunteers in this initiative.

Prof. Prabhu,
NSS Coordinator, AVCE

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