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 March 24, 2022

The department of Mechanical Engineering, in collaboration with IMAYA International Institute of NDT at Tirunelveli, hosted a one-day workshop on Welding and Piping Inspection Techniques on 24 March 2022. This workshop's main goal is to introduce Visual Testing, Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Radiography Testing to the students. The IMAYA International Institute of NDT in Tirunelveli provided the resource persons for the one-day workshop. The experts Er. M. Muthuraj, Er. S. Arun Kumar, Er. Vinoth and Er. George Francis, IMAYA International Institute of NDT, Tirunelveli, explained the course's benefits, which include providing Non-Destructive Testing Services to a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, nuclear, oil and gas exploration, petroleum refineries, structure fabrication, power, construction, marine, processing, heat treatment, and automobiles. The event was planned by Mr. J. Prabhu, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering, and was hosted by Dr. J. Sunil, vice principal and head of mechanical. The principal, Dr. A. Benham, gave the presidential address and urged the audience should enroll to as many workshops as possible to broaden their education. Students in their third and final years of mechanical engineering registered for the event, and approximately 60 participated.


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