Thursday, May 12, 2016

BigData related projects at AVCE

The pride of an engineer as a professional lies in the technological expertise they possess. In the mission of creating skilled engineers rather than mere engineering graduates, we train our students in the latest technologies.

Being specific to my department (CSE), I am very proud to tell that we train our students in latest technologies related to Computer Science. Apart from training, we also provide practical exposure to the students by empowering them to implement industry relevant projects. This helps to bridge the gap between the academia and the industry.

All are aware that Big-data is one of the latest technologies in Computer Science. Now we are in information era and the growth of the information is high. There should be a efficient way to analyze the information available. This leads to the requirement of Bigdata related technologies in the software industry.

When most of the student community is not aware of the Bigdata we have trained our final year students in Bigdata. Our students are familer with Hadoop, Mapreduce, HDFS and Elasticsearch . They have done their project in these latest technologies and are confident enough to do any such project and learn latest technologies. Our staff members Ms. V. Vidhya, AP/CSE and Mrs. R. Hema, AP/CSE learnt these technologies and guided our students to complete the projects.

At this moment, I would also like to thank Mr. Praveen Jesudhas, Big data engineer, Tiger Analytics who guided us in learning these technologies. He made us feel free to clarify any doubts through phone and mail. Without his support it would have been a very tedious task. This type of training and student development pro-gramme are initiated, guided and supported by the management of our college.

I am very proud to tell that our students have presented their project in an International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology (ICCIT'16). Now their project is under process to be published in a journal named International Journal of Information Research and Review.

G. Jeyaram, M.Tech., MBA., (PhD).,
Head, Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
Annai Vailankanni College of Engineering,

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