Tuesday, September 26, 2017

NSS camp activity at Sahaya Matha Nagar, Kanyakumari

On 29.08.2017, the N.S.S volunteers of Our College Went To Sahaya Matha Nagar, A Small Village Near Kanyakumari to carry out cleaning activities for the benefit of the society. Our volunteers observed that there was plastic and other unwanted materials littered on the streets. The drainage was also not proper in the locality resulting in unhygenic and unpleasant environment. The volunteers cleaned the drainage neatly and ensured that there is no stagnation of water anywhere. 

The streets of the village were cleaned of the unwanted plastics and other
materials and they were properly disposed. These activities have made the village more habitable and hygienic for its residents. I would like to thank all the
student volunteers for coming forward and utilizing their time in socially beneficial activities. We also acknowleadge the valuable support provided by Prof. Muthu Erullapan, Prof. Jenihar Prabu, the Physical Director and Prof. Manikandan. We also thank Dr. P. Senthilkumar, The Principal for his valuable support and encouragement.

J. Prabu,
NSS Programme Officer,

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