Thursday, September 15, 2016

All India Radio ( AIR ) interviews AVCE students ( Broadcast on September 16 8:30 pm at 101 FM )

The students Mr. S. Mani Raj, Mr. B. K. Ajith Kumar and Mr. R. Dido Mahershalal Hashbaz along with the project coordinator Mr. G. Gaswin Kastro, AP, ECE explained about “LED Illumination for Fishing Boats” project in an interview on All India Radio (AIR). This program will be broadcasted on 16­-09­-2016 by AIR at 8.30 p.m in 101 FM.

LED illumination has lot of benefits over other lightings such as CFL and Incandescence lamps. AVCE is constantly engaging in activities to spread awareness about the benefits of LED lights to the public. A project team from AVCE has done this project. Through this project they have replaced the conventional lights used in a fishing boat by LED lights. This will help the fishermen save fuel so that they can practice fishing for long time and catch more fishes.

Since fishing involves dangerous tasks proper quantity of light is important. International Labour Organization (ILO) says that each compartment of the fishing boat and the passage ways should be illuminated to avoid marine accidents. The team studied these requirements and planned the illumination well before implementing on a fishing boat at Chinna Muttom.

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