Wednesday, October 7, 2015

AVCE students build racing car

It all began with our students visit to Supra 2015, the premier race car designing event conducted by SAE ( Society of Automotive engineers ) . Our students got infused with the much needed exposure and confidence that they can develop their own racing cars after watching students like themselves designing and building cars in the competition.

With the aim of participating in future racing events, the students started building 2 race cars in two different groups. One of which is an Off - Road racing car and the other is an On- Road racing car.

Under the guidance of our faculty, the team initiated their work collecting the spare parts of cars and bikes from several places.  The team spent days and nights to model their vehicle with utmost perfection. A motorbike engine, which was not in use, was repaired and was used in the making of the off-road racing car. The vehicle, which includes all the functionalities of a normal car, can travel on less maintained roads and rocky surfaces. The driving is at ease as the steering mechanism is built with a turning radius of 45 degree. The car is accessorized with all the essentials like mirrors, indicators and brake system. 

The designed petrol car can travel up to 70 km per hour and with a mileage of 34 km per liter. A headlight, a 12 volts battery and a shock absorber add credibility to the vehicle. Besides racing purposes our students felt the car could also be used to travel on less maintained roads and rocky surfaces.

In a similar manner, the On-Road racing vehicle was created using an 800cc car engine which can
travel at 120 km/hr. The team of students managed to get a broke down car engine from a mechanic station, repaired and installed it to their car, which was built using spare parts collected from several

Designed to be an on-road car, it can accommodate two passengers. In addition, the car is equipped with disk brake system, rack and pinion steering. The students are thriving hard to enhance the speed of the car up to 200 km / hr. Moreover, the team is also making essential modifications to the car in order to run the vehicle with solar power.

The specification of the car includes a 12 volts battery, an 800 cc car engine, 14 cm wheel base, 4 gears and a reverse gear. In order to provide ample space for the passengers, the engine is fixed at the rear side of the vehicle.

Both of these cars were built within a modest expenditure of about 50,000 rupees each.

The college appreciated the students and encouraged their excellent endeavor by awarding a cash prize of 1 Lakh rupees to both the teams. This news has been covered by Jaya TV.

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