Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Research prize won by IV year students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Mr. N.Kumanan and Mr. C.Harikumar, IV year students of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, won the II Prize, for their research paper “Utilizing Waste Land by Various Wind Mill Forms,” in "CEEMTEZ2K15," a National Level Technical Syposium Conducted by  Sardar Raja College of Enginnering, Alankulam on 19th September 2015. The paper was highly appreciated by the Chief guests and participators of the event.

The team proposed three kinds of generators:

Turntable electric generator : an effective wind power generator for the areas of low wind
speed. The system can be placed in altitudes up-to 100 meters from the ground level.

Magen Electric generator : to generate electricity creating a floating power plant using
helium balloons and replacing the tower by tether.

A Rotokite generator : combining four electric generators in a single frame and placing the 
structure in an altitude of 200 meters above the ground. The system could be implemented in 
the village areas.

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